Insulated Transport Bag - Blood, Specimens and Human Tissue - UN3373 approved

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COOL’S is an isothermal bag that allows the transport in an organized way and under optimal conditions of diagnostic samples, from the extraction centre to the laboratory. The bag is certified according to “UN 3373”, that enables the transport of biological substances class B. Optionally EB04.003 Cool’s bag can be delivered with 6 or 12 pieces of reusable cooling gel packs EB09.007 (25,5 x 10,5 cm) Features

Technical data

Key features This bag consists of: - Main isothermal compartment - 4 detachable isothermal compartments: - 1 special compartment for urine containers, with removable dividers. It can hold up to 24 containers. Size: 42x26.5x9.5cm. - 3 compartments for test tube racks. Each one has a capacity for 2 racks (100 test tubes), with a size of 26.5x14x27 cm. All detachable compartments have a handle, identifier and sponge to absorb spills. • Measures: 44 x 29 x 39 cm • Capacity: 49,76 L • Weight: 5.30 kg • Material: Tarpaulin. Water resistant. Washable • Colour: Blue • Maximum recommended contents weight: 10 kg - Upper transparent pocket for clinical history and documents. - Transparent zippered front pocket - Handle, shoulder strap and trolley band. - Each detachable compartment has a